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Meta: SSA social security benefits and income verification letter is an important document when it comes to retirement abroad.

SSA Social Security Benefits and Income Verification Letter

Planning your retirement in a foreign country has numerous benefits, especially when it comes to the countries which promote such activities. However, those countries also require you to prove that you qualify for their retirement program visa. This is where the letter from Social Security Administration (SSA) in regards to Social Security Benefits and Income Verification comes into play. This letter from the SSA must be duly authenticated for foreign use and translated into foreign language in accordance with the requirements of foreign authorities.

To obtain the letter you must contact your local SSA office and request the Social Security Benefits and/or Income Verification Letter. Such letter must contain the following:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Benefits information

Social Security Benefits and Income Verification Letter must be signed by the Office Manger of your local SSA office and contain:

  • Full name of the Office Manager – clearly written
  • Live signature of the Office Manager
  • Their title clearly stated as Office Manager

N.B: Signature of the Customer Service Representative is not sufficient for foreign use.

If your document comes from the main office instead of a local one, it must be signed by an acting Social Security Commissioner.

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