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Meta: Corporate Power of Attorney is a crucial tool when it comes to delegating authority to a business proxy to conduct important affairs.

Corporate Power of Attorney

Managing board of the entity quite often is faced with the fact that they are unable to attend the important matters personally due to time constrains and other factors. The corporate power of attorney allows business owners and officers of the company to delegate certain powers to an attorney-in-fact to ensure that all business related matters are in order. Whether exporting medical devices, equipment, cosmetics, food supplements or opening a foreign branch and representative office, a corporate power of attorney will be one the main documents when it comes to a successful completion of such task.

As with any other type of Power of Attorney, the corporate one is designed to limit the powers of the appointee to minimum of the required powers to perform their duties, while setting the time frame for the validity of such delegation of powers. In general, Corporate Power of Attorney is issued in conjunction with other corporate documents which support the validity of such documents. It is not a secrete that many would exploit the possibilities when given the powers to do so, thus issuance of such crucial documents must be done with the direct consent of the managing body of the entity.

Basic information which will be included in the document (but by no means is limited to):

  • Name of the Entity
  • Vital information about the entity
  • Name of the authorized person granting the power of attorney and their title
  • Basis on which such power was issued
  • Name of the appointee
  • Their personal information
  • List of powers
  • Proper notarization

In order to be valid in a foreign country, Corporate Power of Attorney must be duly authenticated for foreign use by means of Apostille or Consular Legalization.

Personal Documents

Legalization Documents