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Meta: Properly created Personal Power of Attorney is a key to designating a representative to handle your vital affairs.

Personal Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney is a vital tool when it comes to delegation of powers to a proxy. It became commonplace to allow someone to handle a number of your affairs. This is especially true when the issues are time sensitive and you are not able to attend to the matters personally, or lack the required knowledge to do so on your own. There are several types of Power of Attorney, the most common being the General and Special.

When choosing which type of power of attorney will suite your needs best, please considered the following:

  • Do you trust your representative well enough
  • Which tasks must your representative perform
  • How long shall the document be valid
  • Do you believe it to be necessary for your representative to delegate their powers to someone else

Although the tool is designed to assist you with your personal affairs, in general it must be very specific in terms of powers and abilities of the appointee in order to avoid any and all exploits in cases where the attorney-in-fact is not so trustworthy. Professionally created power of attorney is designed to protect you and your assets while allowing your proxy to handle the matters efficiently.

Personal Documents

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