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List of Legal Documents

  • Amendment
    A constitutional amendment is a formal change to the text of the written constitution of a nation or state.
  • Apostille
    An Apostille is an authentication of a public document issued pursuant to the 1961 Hague Convention abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. The Convention provides for the simplified certification of public (including notarized) documents to be used in countries that have joined the convention.
  • Authentication
    Authentication is the act of confirming the truth of an attribute of a datum or entity.
  • Birth Certificate
    A birth certificate or a certified copy of an original birth certificate is becoming increasingly important as a required form of identification.
  • Certificate of Incorporation
    A certificate of incorporation is a legal document relating to the formation of a company or corporation.
  • Certificate of Origin
    A Certificate of Origin (often abbreviated to C/O or COO) is a document used in international trade.
  • Certified Translation
    Morningside, an ISO-certified translation company, provides certified translations for legal and official documents that must be submitted to a courtroom or regulatory agency. Our certified translation services are recognized by government agencies worldwide including the FDA, EMA, USPTO, SEC, and WTO.
  • Commercial Invoice
    A commercial invoice is a document used in foreign trade. It is used as a customs declaration provided by the person or corporation that is exporting an item across international borders
  • Consent Letter
    We strongly recommend that children travelling abroad carry a consent letter proving they have permission to travel from every person with the legal right to make major decisions on their behalf, if that person is not accompanying the children on the trip.
  • Corporate Resolutions
    Corporate Resolutions is a worldwide business investigations and consulting firm, providing a wide range of investigative services to leading financial institutions, the private equity community, law firms, insurance companies, healthcare organizations and global corporations.
  • Criminal Records
    Need to know if someone has been convicted of a crime?
  • Death Certificate
    The phrase death certificate can describe either a document issued by a medical practitioner certifying the deceased state of a person or popularly to a document issued by a person such as a registrar of vital statistics that declares the date, location and cause of a person's death as later entered in an official register of deaths.
  • Divorce Certificate
    Every nation in the world has divorce laws except the Philippines (though Muslims have the right to divorce) and the Vatican City, an ecclesiastical sovereign city-state, which has no procedure for divorce. In these two countries, laws only allow annulment of marriages.
  • form 6166
    Form 8802 is used to request Form 6166, a letter of U.S. residency certification for purposes of claiming benefits under an income tax treaty or VAT exemption. You cannot use Form 6166 to substantiate that U.S. taxes were paid for purposes of claiming a foreign tax credit.
  • Good Standing
    A person or organisation in good standing is regarded as having complied with all his or its explicit obligations and having unabated powers to conduct his or its activities.
  • Incumbency
    The incumbent, in politics, is the existing holder of a political office. This term is usually used in reference to elections, in which races can often be defined as being between an incumbent and non-incumbent(s).
  • Marriage Certificate
    In some jurisdictions a marriage certificate is the official record that two people have undertaken a marriage ceremony.
  • no Record of Marriage
    If you are planning on marrying in a foreign country then sometimes a Certificate of No Record of Marriage is fundamental.
  • personal power of attorney
    This publication is about Power of Attorney for Personal Care.
  • Power of Attorney
    A "Power of Attorney" is a written document often used when someone wants another adult to handle their financial or property matters
  • Single Status
    Single Status is the title given to a National Agreement reached in 1997 aiming to harmonise terms and conditions of service for employees, removing any unfairness in the pay and reward arrangements.
  • SSA social security benefits
    The Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool (BEST) helps you find out if you could get benefits that Social Security administers.
  • Transportation of the Deceased
    If a funeral is to be conducted in a different city to the place of death, or even in another state, you may need to consider your options to transport the deceased

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