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  • The father of my 18 month old daughter and I have decided to try and work things out for our daughters sake and would like to know how to change her last name from mine to her fathers. She was born in Georgia and her fathers name is not on the birth certificate because he was not present when she was born. We now reside in Florida. What steps would I have to take to get her name changed and her fathers name on the birth certificate?
    You would have to formally establish paternity in court. That is the only way that he can be named as her father on her birth certificate.
  • Im a resident of WI, shes a resident of MN, well be getting married in MN. Im getting married next year and my wife will take my name. Currently my name is, for the sake an anonymity, John Obama-Romney. She will take Romney. I too wish to take that name. Is it legal for both husband and wife to change their name via the wedding certificate IF were changing it to part of my current name?
    It appears in Minnesota, unless you have been convicted of a Felony, you both can pick whatever name you want to use at the time of applying for the marriage license and that will become your legal name after marriage. There doesn't seem to be any restriction on the names used. You could change your names to William and Hillary Clinton if you wanted.
  • My question involves civil rights in the State of:Georgia he is 34yrs old, lives here free, has not paid rent or anything. He is verbally abusive, to us, (his parents) and our dog. Has no respect for our things or our quiet time. never cleans up after self. has junk all over our garage, and every bedroom in the house is full of junk
    You follow the legal proceedures for your state, to evict him.
  • I've become increasingly interested in this topic over the past few years with the economic downturn we have been faced with. What forms of international law would enable international banking regulation? Is there any case law, treaties or other accepted legal rules that would support such measures? Any recommendations on material would be greatly appreciated.
    If you are a law student, see what's on the shelves in the law school library. You can also consider going to your favorite online bookstore (possibly West or LexisNexis) and looking for books on the subject.
  • Friend of mines has a problem with immigration circumstances. Before, they had a family lawyer, who charged them with decent amount of money (by saying, the parent will get a working visa, and the child under 18 will receive it automatically) but as a result he didnt help at all & kept the money. The child in the family goes to private school, as well very smart kid. While, enrolling to school the principal thought that the child has the visa. As a result, the school doesnt want to help with student visa & mom is struggling in the other country by not receiving the visa. Can you please, give some advices. P.S. The smart kid, is living with guardians now, and misses mom a lot H.E.L.P.
    Child is NOT going to give parent any immigration benefit.
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