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Certificate of Good Standing

Certificate of Good standing is known under different makes which may include Certificate of Status, Certificate of Existence, Certificate of Fact or Certificate of Goodstanding. However, all of the above refer to the same document which has only one main purpose – to prove that the entity in question still exists, was no dissolved and is in good standing with the state authorities.

Unfortunately, if your entity was dissolved voluntarily or by the state for a number of reasons the certified copy of formation documents will still be available from the majority of the state governments. Therefore, when working with the foreign authorities, you will be asked to present the document that will show the status of your entity. This is where the certificate of good standings comes into play. The certificate of existence will state that you entity was formed on a specific date with the state authorities and as of the date of the issuance of the certificate your entity exists and is in good standing. If your company no longer exists or is not in good standing with the state authorities the document will not be available or will state that the company was dissolved or is not in good standing.

Due to the fact that your corporate status may change in an instance the document is generally valid for the period of six (6) months from the date it is issued. However, to be on the safe side it is best to confirm with the target authorities what are their requirements when it comes to the validity of document. It is a known fact that some countries will only accept such documents issued within last three months, while in some extreme cases you may only have thirty (30) business days.

It is important to remember that the Certificate of Status, Good standing or Existence is not a standalone document and must always be accompanied by the Certified Copies of Incorproation documents and all (if any) subsequent amendments.

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