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Form 6166 U.S Residency Certificate

It is not something uncommon for U.S businesses and individuals to conduct business outside of the United States. Many entities set up branches, joint stock companies and representative offices in foreign countries. As the result they earn income in foreign countries which is taxable in the United States and in a foreign country. Thankfully, United States has a number of treaties in place with the number of foreign countries when it comes to avoidance of double taxation for residents of these countries. In the United States, the document which proves that you are or your entity is considered a resident for tax purposes is called IRS Form 6166 U.S Residency Certificate. The Form 6166 is issued by the U.S Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service and confirms that the individual or the entity in question is considered a U.S resident for tax purposes for the fiscal year indicated in the document.

U.S Residency Certificate is the only document which is acceptable outside of the United States from the U.S Residents to claim the treaty benefits. Although it is a known fact that some countries will accept incorporation documents as proof, the majority will require proper documentation. Obtaining Form 6166 from the IRS involves filling a petition for certification, also known as Form 8802 with all the other supporting documents which may be required such as Forms 8821 and Penalty of Perjury statements.

You should keep in mind that getting the IRS Form 6166 U.S Residency Certificate is not something that can be completed in a matter of few business days. As our experience shows, and we have been obtaining Forms 6166 for our clients for over 10 years, we estimate an average processing time to be between eight (8) and twelve (12) weeks. This does not include the time to have the document apostilled or authenticated for foreign use.

In order to successfully and efficiently assist you with the retrieval of the U.S Residency Certificate from the IRS, we will require you to fill out our online application form. Our system of questions is specifically designed to provide us with all the required information to fill all proper forms on behalf of our clients and complete all necessary supporting documentation. Please be advised that an authorized representative, with the authority to legally bind the entity, will have to sign all the documents prepared on your behalf in order for us to submit your petition for Form 6166 - U.S Residency Certificate to the IRS for processing.

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