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Meta: Whether you need a Certified Copy of Divorce Certificate or Divorce Decree is determined by the jurisdiction where the divorce took place.

Certified Divorce Certificate/Divorce Decree

Not all states issue divorce certificate, in fact, only a limited number of states do so. As the result your best bet would be to obtain a Certified Copy of the Divorce Decree or Final Judgment of Divorce. The document is usually issued on the local level and is certified by the clerk of court. The main difference between the Certificate and the Decree is that Certificate has only the basic information about the vital event:

  • Date of divorce
  • Place of the divorce
  • Name of the parties

while the Divorce Decree may be a lengthy document containing every detail of the divorce, information about the parties, terms of the divorce, custody related matters and the decree of the court.

It is very likely that you are already aware of the number of reasons why one must obtain a Certified Copy of the Divorce Decree; however, the possibilities are limitless. The most common of them are: visa, immigration, employment, marriage and citizenship.

Depending on the state where you got divorce this information may be freely available to the public for a set fee, while in some states you must provide a notarized authorization for a representative to obtain the document on your behalf.

To obtain the document quickly and easily you should know the following:

  • Date of the divorce
  • Place of the divorce
  • Name of the parties
  • Case number (ideally)

It is possible to make a search with the limited information available; however, it can become an expensive procedure if the basic information is not available.

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