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Commercial Invoice

As one embarks on business overseas it is important to obtain certain documents. For example, the Commercial Invoice is one of the primary articles used by customs and its authorities. Knowing how to go about procuring one and the proper documentation involved is a critical step to success in any business.

A Commercial Invoice is established by the exporter, seller or the person that is stationed in the country where goods are sent from. It outlines the details of the parties that are involved in the business transactions related to shipping and the transportation of goods. Since it is one of the main documents used by customs it will be necessary to complete this paperwork properly. If at any time assistance is needed please contact our office to speak with a professional.

Basic requirements for the Commercial Invoice

In business situations there are many intricate guidelines that must be followed. The Commercial Invoice is not an exception. This certificate has to be on official letterhead of the company that does the exporting; whats more, there is a requirement for an itemized, detailed list with all goods or products listed in the shipment. An accurately written outline of all the exported merchandise must accompany the Commercial Invoice. Apart from a detailed breakdown of the goods in question, manufacturing country and quantity must be shown and even the total cost or price; an important add-on is the indication of the monetary instrument that was used along with the Harmonized System Number of each product and terms and conditions of the delivery, to say the least.

Other invoice requirements are that the document needs to be dated and signed by the exporter testifying to the fact that the paperwork provided is accurate, correct and true. Please be aware that there are some territories and some countries that have a requirement for legalization of the original form or invoice. Included in this requirement and it can differ from country to country is the fact that they can ask for the Certificate of Origin. Being that this is complicated and requirements can change based on the country that you are doing work with, it is important to acquire proper documentation. Just by considering a country by country basis, the differences can be great.

Many countries will require from your company to be a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and have your Commercial Invoice sealed by that Chamber. Likewise, the business will have difficulty as the actual embassy will not be accepted and your document will not be legalized. Contact our office as we can aid in completing your work endeavors.

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