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Meta: Certified Translation is the conversion of the document from one language into another with the sworn statements of the professional certified translator.

Certified Translation

If your document originates outside of the United States or you are planning to present your U.S document overseas, chances are it must be translated. (Exceptions do apply) Of course you may translate the document yourself if you know both the source and target languages, however, you are the interested party, and there is a very high chance that such translation will be rejected by the target authorities. Professionally performed Certified Translation has several distinct characteristics which will promote acceptance of your documents:

  • It is done by an neutral party.
  • The translator has certifications and qualifications in their country
  • Translator affirms before the notary that they made the translation and that it is an accurate translation of the original document.

Furthermore, very often such translations are performed under a supervision of a professional agency and as the result the affidavit or the translation will bear the official letterhead of such company.

Another benefit of using a profession certified translation agency is they should know the specific details about the target country and their translation requirements. Many foreign governments require the attestation of the translation to be done by the consulate, while others may require the certified translation to be done within their own country by a court registered translator.

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