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Certificate of Origin

Very much like the Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin is the core document when exporting/importing goods or products. There are several different certificate types which may include a COO for NAFTA Countries; it may be of U.S Origin and None-U.S Origin among other types.

When preparing the document the information from the Commercial Invoice must match the data in the Certificate of Origin. Basic guidelines for the Certificate of Origin state that this document must be signed by the exporting business, the business that sends products and services out of a country; the country selling these products or services is called an exporter and works out of their home land. While, the country that is purchasing goods or services is labeled as the importer.

The next step is the need for notarization and certification by the Chamber of Commerce or the Department of Commerce. It is important to keep in mind the target country as they may have their own specific requirements. For example, if your destination is Kuwait then the document must first go through the U.S-Arab Chamber of Commerce instead of your local chamber.

There are many other caveats which depend on each case individually. Many countries will require that you supply a Commercial Invoice with your Certificate of Origin, while others may not. Furthermore, the price that you might have to pay to the foreign government in order to have your commercial documents authenticated may be calculated on a percentage basis from the face value of the invoice.

Apart from preparation and certification by the Chamber of Commerce your document will have to be properly authenticated for international use in most of the cases. You always encouraged to call our office for a consultation and/or review of your documents, this will help us to better understand your needs as well as adequately assist you with all your document requirements.

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