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Certificate of Amendment

Certified copy of Certificate of Articles of Amendment is the corporate document which confirms that a certain change was made to the original incorporation or formation certificate. Whenever you file a document to establish the company the original document is stored in the state archives. The initial document is always kept in the original form. So if you make changes, corrections or amendments along the way such changes are recorded through certificates or articles of amendment. Although the state records will show the update information the certified copies of each amendment must be obtained along with the original incorporation or formation certificates in order to show all changes that were made. For instance, you formed a company which was named «Sample ABC, LLC» and then you changed the name to «Sample XYZ, LLC» your certified copy of Certificate of Formation will show the name of the entity as «Sample ABC, LLC» without any reference to «Sample XYZ, LLC». As the result you must obtain a certified copy of certificate of formation of «Sample ABC, LLC» and a certified copy of the certificate of amendment showing the name change from «Sample ABC, LLC» to «Sample XYZ, LLC». This is the only way to chronologically prove that «Sample XYZ, LLC» was duly formed.

You may need to obtain a certified copy of articles of amendment whenever you need to establish that your entity was duly formed. Keep in mind that certified copy of amendment certificate is only needed and available only if you had made any changes to the initial formation certificate. If this never happened and no changes was made the certified copy of certificate of change simply does not exist.

Technically almost any information on the original formation certificate may be amended this may include, but is not limited to:

  • Name of the entity
  • Main office address
  • Registered agent address / address for service of process
  • Number of shares

Some states will issue all certified amendments along with the certified formation document when the request is made, while others require you to order all amendments separately. So in order to save time and possible some money it is best to make an inquiry into your state rules and policies before placing an order. If you would like us to assist you in obtaining certified copies of your certificates of amendment please fill out our online application form or simply call our office and our representatives will be glad to assist you.

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